Ballroom dancing at The Blue Toes

From Monday until friday evenings there are classes for Ballroom dancing. Examples of the dances that are taught are Quickstep, Slow Waltz and Tango in Standard and Chacha, Rumba and Jive in Latin. In the advanced courses there are some more dances: Slowfox and Viennese Waltz in Ballroom and Samba and Paso Doble in Latin.

There are courses for five different levels. At the beginners level there are the beginners and sprintbeginners groups. In the sprintbeginners course you’ll learn the same in six months as the beginners group learns in one year. So the pace is a bit faster than in the beginners group. The sprintbeginners group starts in January or February. The beginners groups are divided into two groups. One is Beginners A and the other is Beginners B.

After this level there are Advanced 1, Advanced 2 and Advanced 3. Beginners, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 dancers are taught by teachers who are members of the Blue Toes themselves; from Advanced 3 onwards the lessons are taught by professional teachers. You can find all our teachers here. Look at the schedule to see when the lessons of each group are.

In addition to the regular lessons, every member can also participate in the weekly technique lesson, which is for free and also taught by a professional teacher.

No dancing partner?

As a man you have an advantage in the dance world, because almost everywhere there are not enough men. At The Blue Toes the proportion men: ladies is 40% men and 60% ladies. In the beginners groups the amount of men is a bit higher most of the time. Although men are mostly in advantage, sometimes there are too many men.

Both ladies and men without a partner don’t need to worry. At The Blue Toes there are a couple of members who assist in the lessons of lower levels. With these assistants everyone can follow the lessons. An extra advantage is of course that these assistants already know how to dance. You might learn to dance better with an assistant. So having no partner is not a reason to stay at home!


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