The Gala committee (GalaCie) will be organizing the Christmas ball in December and the gala in March. These are the events to dress up (in theme-outfits!), grab a bite, and dance around.

This year the committee is led by chairman Idsert. Idsert is a man who is always ‘on fire,’ which will make our epic gala possible. Of course he is not alone, because the sweet Astrid flames with great ideas. The newest asset is our Daphne, who enlightens us with her crazy ideas. Moreover, we have our Joeri, whose eyes have lit up with fire since the summer vacation to illuminate our team. Lastly, as a fresh breeze we have the previous chairman Paul to strengthen our team. With the five of us we are going to make this year a top year! Just make sure not to look at our website if you cannot go to the gala as this will only make you regret the choice! We hope to see you at our gala’s!


You can reach the Gala committee by e-mail:


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  • Summer Gala

    19:30 - De Pompstee

  • GMA

    18:00 - Other

  • Medal dancing

    18:30 - MFC De Wijert / Helpman

  • Active members day

    15:00 - Other


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