"Salsa" is a collective term for different kinds of music and dance, like merengue and bachata. Salsa is also the name that has been given to the exiting, cheerful music you hear at salsa parties. The best known style is probably the Cuban style. The focus will be on this style. However, the other styles will not be forgotten either.

Further on in the course the focus will be on the L.A. style: An American movement which is mostly influenced by Latin dancing. The most important thing in the course will be, besides the fun and social contacts, that you’ll have the feeling that you have learned something new in every lesson!

The Blue Toes offers salsa courses for beginners and advanced dancers. Look at the schedule for the times and locations of the lessons. For every group there are two free try-out lessons. So if you don’t know what you level is, come and see for yourself which lesson is the best for you.

There will be courses the whole year trough. A course is 15 lessons. All the salsa lessons are taught by a professional teacher.

No dancing partner?

In salsa we switch partners a lot, so you don't have just one dance partner. Sometimes, the amount of gents and ladies is not the same. Then you might need to be flexible by for example learning the steps of the other.


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  • GMA

    19:00 - Login to see the location

  • The Big Christmas Balls Christmas Ball

    20:00 - Muziekorganisatie Noord


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