The Musicie is responsible for playing and selecting the music. Every day we are there to play music. At lessons, dance evenings, galas, workshops and demos: you can find us everywhere. We carefully put together our collection and playlists to ensure a great atmosphere with both the newest hits and the best classics. Sometimes we cannot contain ourselves and play some cheesy tunes. If you would like to hear your favourites being played on the dancefloor, don’t hesitate to send them to us.

If you have an affinity with music and would like to develop your musical side within the association, then the Musicie might be the right fit for you!

Contact information

You can email the Musicie:


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  • WAS not available

    16:30 -  Willem-Alexander Sportcentrum

  • 3rd introduction activity: Pubquiz

    19:00 - Other

  • Season drink

    20:30 - Café de Toeter

  • WAS not available

    16:30 -  Willem-Alexander Sportcentrum


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