About SDV The Blue Toes

SSV The Blue Toes was founded in the summer of 1998. The association was then part of R.K.S.V. Albertus Magnus. Since 1998, the Blue Toes as an independent student association tries to stimulate ballroom dancing amongst students in Groningen. Since 2004, The Blue Toes also offers salsa courses. In 2023, the association was renamed into SDV The Blue Toes to officially include other dances like salsa in its name.


As an association, you can’t live without a mascot. For a long time, we had to look for him, because he was living on the Galápagos Islands. We looked at him with puppy dog eyes and begged him to move to our country and be our mascot. And he really wanted to! He seemed to like learning to dance ballroom and salsa! He also likes being pampered by all of our members. He tries to go to all of our activities because they are so much fun and free hugs are always nice, right? This sweet blue-footed booby also has a name; he is called Boobie. If you want to meet him, join our activities!


The Blue Toes have a board that takes care of the continuation of the association. This board is filled with volunteers and changes every year. The board is elected at the general members assembly. The board is responsible for the daily tasks, like the lessons, registrations, finances, promotion, communication, etc. The board year is full of learning moments, good for your personal development, but above all, a lot of fun!


Of course, you can do more than only dancing at the Blue Toes. Several committees take care of this. The Activity committee organises dance evenings, but also other activities like the weekend away and the gotcha games. Also we have a galacommittee, which organises two balls every year. The editorial committee keeps us up to date by means of the “Blauwe Babbel”, our own magazine! There are many other committees who do their own tasks in our association.


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