Competition coordinator

The competition coordinator is responsible for the regular competitions of the federations (NVAD, NADB and WDC). For the student competitions (ETDS and NTDS) you can contact the teamcaptains.

Lisette Stam is currently the competition coördinator of The Blue Toes. She takes care of the contact with the dance federations, the registrations of the new participants and keeps track of the results via Facebook. Do you have questions about competition dancing or would you like to try out your first competition? Then you can mail to

For more information about competitions of the NVAD, NADB and WDC we refer you to our competition page. There you can read, among other things, how competitions at these federations go, how the registration for a competition goes and what the rules are about clothing.

Contact information

Do you have any questions about dancing competition? Send an email to!


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  • WAS not available

    16:30 -  Willem-Alexander Sportcentrum

  • 3rd introduction activity: Pubquiz

    19:00 - Other

  • Season drink

    20:30 - Café de Toeter

  • WAS not available

    16:30 -  Willem-Alexander Sportcentrum


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