Can you not find an answer to your question here? Send an email with your question to bestuur@bluetoes.nl.

Can I follow a trial lesson? Yes. The first two lessons of a course are always trial lessons.

Do I need special clothes or shoes? There are no rules about clothing. We advice you to wear something in which you can move around easily. It is not allowed to wear shoes which you also wear outside in our dancing hall. It is of course nice if you have real dancing shoes, but if you want to dance on your socks that's also okay.

How do I end my membership? If you don't want to be a member of the Blue Toes anymore, you have to send an email where you say you want to end your membership. You can end your membership by sending an email to secretary@bluetoes.nl. This should be done at least four weeks before the 1st of juli current dance year.

How can I become a member? Come to the try-out lessons, mail to the secretary (secretaris@bluetoes.nl or go to the page becoming a member of SSV The Blue Toes.

How much do I have to pay? All fees can be found on the costs-page.

I've danced before. Can I start at a higher level? Yes you can. In the higher groups it might be difficult to finda partner, but most of the times we can work out something. In years of dance experience the Blue Toes matches the standard levels as: Beginners = Beginners/Bronze
Advanced 1 = Silver ()
Advanced 2 = Gold (
Advanced 3 and higher = Topclass.

I have a lot of dancing experience. Does The Blue Toes have something to offer to me? Absolutely! The highest levels at the Blue Toes are, considering programs interesting for almost everyone, also because at the Blue Toes the programs will always be slightly different from the ones at your old dancing school. Also there is the possibility to go to technique lessons and to audition for the demonstration team. Besides that, The Blue Toes is also a very nice student association.


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