A confidential advisor occupies an important place within our association and stands for integrity. A confidential advisor tries to be as independent and impartial as possible. He/She is the first point of contact for anyone who experiences undesirable behavior or unequal treatment, who sees/suspects abuse or who is involved in a conflict within the association. The confidential advisor can support you where necessary and can guide you in submitting a complaint or report.

Are you dealing with undesirable behaviour, such as bullying, (sexual) intimidation, aggression or discrimination or are you dealing with depression, burnout or are you struggling with yourself? You can always contact a confidential adviser. They are there for you.

If you want to app, thats possible. You can find the phone numbers of our confidential advisers via the almanac page when you log in.

  • Gerike Baas

  • Mathijs Westerhof


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