Lesuitval wegens Coronavirus

* Di 24 mrt - Vr 10 apr

Door het Coronavirus zijn er tot minimaal 10 april geen lessen en activiteiten.


Welcome to the website of Student Ballroom Society: The Blue Toes.

The Blue Toes is a dancing society in Groningen that offers lessons in ballroom and salsa dancing for students of the University of Groningen and the Hanze University Groningen. Next to dancing lessons we organise many accompanying activities such as dance evenings and competitions (so you can show off your new skills), dinners and weekends away!

On this website, you can find more information about the lesson schedule and prices (at the bottom of this page).

How to become a member?

Becoming a member is simple. All it takes is to come to one of the lessons and subscribe there. The first two lessons are free introductory lessons! The best way to find out if you like ballroom and/or salsa is to come, take a look and give it a try!

Subscription forms will be available at the lessons so when you decide you love dancing as much as we do, you can just fill out the form, hand it to one of the board committee members and they will handle the rest! And if it turns out dancing’s not your thing, don’t worry – Since the lessons were introductory, they are free of charge.

Once you are a member, you can continue a full course of ballroom or salsa lessons – you’ll soon be a dancing star!

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is iconic and timeless; everyone has seen couples gliding effortlessly round a dancefloor in perfect unison on TV! Every night, lessons are given in the Standard and Latin American dances such as the Quickstep, Slow Waltz, Tango, the Chacha, Rhumba, Mambo and Jive. In advanced groups you will learn several others, like the Viennese Waltz, Paso Doble, Samba and the Slowfox.

A ballroom course usually consists of 30 lessons, but you can follow a beginners fast-track course of 15 lessons if you’re up to it! This year the courses will be on six different levels:

  • There are three beginners-level classes: Beginners A and Beginners B which cover the same lessons but on different days for more flexibility, and Sprint-Beginners which start in February and aims to learn the same amount as Beginners, but in half the time! All these classes are taught by advanced student dancers from our society.
  • After the beginners lessons, you can move on to the Advanced lessons. Advanced 1 (in dutch: gevorderd 1) and Advanced 2 classes all build up in difficulty and are also taught by advanced student dancers from our society.
  • Advanced 3, Advanced 4 and Far Advanced classes continue on the basics learned in earlier courses and they are given by professional dance teachers.

As well as participating in dancing lessons, members can join free technique lessons once a week, which are led by professional dance teachers. We also offer specialised competition training for a small fee, for couples who would like to dance competitions.

Salsa Dancing

"Salsa" is a combination of different styles of music and dance, for example Meringue, Bachata and Chacha. Salsa is also the name given to the music you can hear on salsa parties: upbeat, cheerful music with about 40-80 beats per minute. The most famous style is probably the Cuban style. Therefore, the main focus will be on dances of that style during the salsa lessons. This does not mean, however, that the other dances are forgotten. The most important aspect of the lessons, besides the fun in dancing and the new social contacts you will gain, is the feeling that you have learned something new every lesson!

The Blue Toes offers two 15-lesson courses per year. In September there will be a beginners lesson (Salsa 1) and two advanced groups (Salsa 2 and 3). Beginners lessons will start anew in february (check the website for dates). All salsa lessons will be given by a professional dance teacher.

No dance partner yet?

As a male dancer, you (almost) always have an advantage, because there’s a shortage of men pretty much everywhere in the dancing world. At The Blue Toes, the male/female ratio is about 45% male, 55% female. But neither guys nor girls should have to worry about joining without a partner. The society always has a couple of members assisting in lower groups, so everyone can take part in their lessons. An extra advantage is that they already know how to dance – you might be able to pick up extra tips from them! So don’t worry, the lack of a dance partner is no reason to stay at home!

Guys have an even bigger advantage in salsa than in ballroom dancing. For men, it won’t be a problem to find a dance partner. Ladies might have more problems, especially since there won’t be as many people available to assist in the lessons. So if you’re female and want to salsa dance, you might have to be a bit more flexible. Ladies can take turns with a male dancing partner, or they can team up with another girl and learn the male steps. Nevertheless, you can be sure it will be fun!