SSV The Blue Toes was founded in the summer of 1998. The association was then part of R.K.S.V. Albertus Magnus. Since 1998 the Blue Toes as an independent student association tries to stimulate ballroom dancing amongst students in Groningen. Since 2004 The Blue Toes also offers salsacourses.

Activities and committees

Team Asterix at the Teammatch

Of course at the Blue Toes you can do more then only dancing. Several committees take care of this. The Activity committee organises dance evenings, but also other activitees like the weekend away and the gotcha games. Also we have a galacommittee, which organises a gala every year.The editorial committee keeps us up to date by means of the “Blauwe Babbel”, our own magazine! There are many more committees who do their own job in our association. Besides that, once a month we have a drink in “de Vestibule”.

In 2003 SSV The Blue Toes celebrated her first lustrum. In 2002 The Blue Toes joined the ACLO. In this year we also expanded our dancing lessons to 2 evenings a week.Also the first time this year, half of the lessons is teached by a professional teacher! In this year, The Blue Toes has 84 members and 3 donors. 2002-2003 has been a great year for the Blue Toes!

In 2003-2004 The Blue Toes grows to 140 members. A year with a lot of changes in the board and a slight agitation in the association. Because of the great efforts of 3 board members the year is however started succesfully! In december 2003 the peace returns. A full board is at the head of the association.

In 2004-2005 a salsa course is given for the first time in our association. A big succes, causing a big growth in SSV The Blue Toes.

Even though the growth was big in 2004-2005, we hit a record of new members in 2005-2006. we now have 250 members! This is probably also due to the popular tv-programm dancing with the stars.

SSV The Blue Toes also develops on other aspects. In 2006 the first demonstration is made, under the guidance of some former teachers. The demonstration team, that performs these demonstrations consists of members of the Blue Toes. The demonstration team can be hired to give magnificent demonstrations!

In 2006-2007 we start an advanced salsa group. Unfortunately this group is stopped after a few weeks, because there are not enough men.

In 2007-2008 we did succeed to start an advanced group salsa and keep it running for a year. The group however is not big enough to go on with it next year. For the ballroom lessons we found a new teacher. Also we made new regulations and improved the website.

2010-2011 is a turbulent year, with a teacher leaving half way the year. Luckily, we find a fantastic teacher for our higher groups! This year a lot of attention is paied to competitions. We appoint a competition coördinator and are member of 3 dance federations. Also we start offering lectures and private lessons by topdancers Isao Wolvekamp, Shirley Benton and Erik Kock!