Technique Lesson

Our technique lesson is given by the one and only Marcus van Teijlingen, known from Dancing with the Stars! These lessons are on Wednesday evenings from 20:30 to 22:00 and are open to all members (also beginners and non-dancing members are welcome). You don't have to come with a dance partner. Each class consists of a warm-up with a bit of cardio and challenging abdominal exercises. This covers about the first half hour of the lesson.

The hour after that is reserved for a particular bit of ballroom or Latin technique. This can be something else every week. Sometimes a piece of technique is repeated. To give a few examples: rising and lowering in the English Waltz, footwork in the rumba, ballroom posture, Latin posture, partner work. Do you have suggestions for the treatment of a certain technique? Come to the technique class and tell Marcus your suggestion!


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  • WAS not available

    16:30 -  Willem-Alexander Sportcentrum

  • 3rd introduction activity: Pubquiz

    19:00 - Other

  • Season drink

    20:30 - CafĂ© de Toeter

  • WAS not available

    16:30 -  Willem-Alexander Sportcentrum


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