Willem-Alexander Sportcentrum (WAS)

Zernikeplein 17
9747 AS Groningen

When entering the building (front entrance), go up the stairs, then immediately to the right is the dancing hall.

Most of our dancing courses take place here.

ACLO Sportcentrum

Blauwborgje 16
9747 AC Groningen

When entering the building (front entrance), keep following the long hallway, at the end of this hallway around the right corner is the entrance of hall 4.

Our salsacourses on the Friday are here. This sports centre also the location where you can purchase your ACLO Card (information desk).

Het Heerenhuis

Spilsluizen 9
9712 NR Groningen

When entering the building, keep walking forward past the bar. After that is the first door on the right the hall we most often use for dancing evenings and many other activities.